Ru : Cute Geek Maham

Festive Mixtape by Ru CuteGeek: Kilikimush

Listen to 'Kilikimush Festive Mixtape Ru CuteGeek' mixtape on
rucutegeek Jan 01, 2013

Ru gat a MoMo hairdooo :)

This my new MoMo hairdooo, both sides are completely off :) 
rucutegeek Nov 02, 2011

The Realest Remix by Ru

First release from Ru's 2nd mixtape <3 enjoy
rucutegeek Oct 25, 2011

Handmade Cute Creatures

im going to be making them in all sorts of colors and types, this one is the first one i made she is about 30cm…
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rucutegeek Sep 03, 2011

Ru: The Lyrical Witch

i turned myself into a cartoon and just went crazy lol
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rucutegeek Aug 24, 2011

Say Goodbye by Ru and JayMie (Mixtape track)

Mixtape track done at the beginning of 2011 (still work in progress)by Ru (Namibian Female rapper from Namibia) and JayMie (Nigerian rapper from Germany) Like…
rucutegeek Aug 20, 2011

Creative Snaps by Ru

I had abunch of photos that never made it anywhere so i color corrected them and this is what i got. :) -Ru
rucutegeek Aug 18, 2011

'iaam' american teen mag recognises Namibian female rapper 'Ru'

Ru is an amazing rapper from Namibia, Africa. She wins best rap single & continues to push into the music industry with Million Dollar Chick…
rucutegeek Aug 16, 2011
Creative Pait splatter Tutorial for photoshoppic

Creative Pait splatter Tutorial for photoshop

Im a budding graphics designer and i was browsing for some creative tutorials to try out. Found this paint splatter that caught my attention and…
rucutegeek Aug 15, 2011
Im a lyrical witchpic

Im a lyrical witch
rucutegeek Aug 10, 2011
red black whitepic

red black white

just an edit i did with photoshop.
rucutegeek Aug 02, 2011
Its finally on Youtube CuteGeeks : Million Dolla Chick by Ru 1.2vid

Its finally on Youtube CuteGeeks : Million Dolla Chick by Ru 1.2

Best Single Category Winner in the Namibian Annual Music Awards 2011, Ru is the breath of fresh air the namibian industry needs. This is not…
rucutegeek Jul 18, 2011


rU gOES gOTH :)
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rucutegeek Jun 15, 2011

Ru Goes Geisha

Ru Goes Geisha
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rucutegeek Jun 13, 2011

How to Become the Queen of Hearts with Red Chucks

just me and face paint :)
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rucutegeek Jun 13, 2011

Million Dolla Chick - By Ru

My first ever Namibian Music Award Nomination :) Nominated as best Single in the Namibian Music awards is : Million dolla chick Produced by : Nel-D from…
rucutegeek Apr 05, 2011


Reblogged from bettybefamous I dont know about you, but i feel having your child thrust into the public eye at such a young age is bad…
rucutegeek Mar 23, 2011 Originally by bettybefamous

Ru-CuteGeek's sounds on SoundCloud - Download, share and enjoy :)

Ru - Born 3rd March 1990 as Ruusa Telisha Namupala is the illest Namibian female rapper!Her lyrical content is not like another. Music ... |…
rucutegeek Mar 12, 2011

Pics i edited today

found myself so bored i asked some of my facebook friends to send me their pics and i plopped em in photoshop :) tell me…
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rucutegeek Mar 06, 2011

Hip Hop Songwriting workshop with Dj Dynamax

Ru , Lil D , Boomie and Frazao spittin a few bars for the Track wit Dynamax :)
rucutegeek Feb 28, 2011
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    Namibia's illest Female MC, also part owner of FreeYourmind! Entertanment CC

    Ru - Born 3rd March 1990 as Ruusa Telisha Namupala is the illest Namibian female rapper! Her lyrical content is not like anyother. Music you will love!

    Cute Geek
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